Shocking facts revealed after investigating a casting call poster seen over major towns of Kerala.

There has been so many posters all over the major towns of north Kerala regarding the casting call of a film named "ORIKKAL KOODI (ഒരിക്കൽകൂടി)". A contact number has also been given along the casting call.
Recently one of the major news channel in Malayalam had conducted an investigation regarding this and concluded that these people are frauds and many film aspirants were cheated by them and lost huge amount of money.

Video of the investingation done by the channel: 

For this particular casting call they are demanding Rs. 6 lakh for male lead role and Rs. 4 lakh for female lead role (provided with some adjustments!). 

Upon enquiry it has been found out that they are doing this cheating in the name of a new movie named "NIRANJAN (നിരഞ്ജൻ)", and in the poster of it they featured famous actors like Mamukoya and Meghanathan and upon reality these actors did not know about this film or the director. 

Some statements by the fraud person: 

So many cheating stories of this genre are happening all over the film industry nowadays and we are remembering every one who reading this a fact that: "money may bring you chances, but only your talent can bring you genuine chances". 
Please do not give money for chances in films and be safe.